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Signature Retail Service Inc. Training, Building and Promoting Store Success

Produced by JohnCarloti & Written by.Molly Shaw

SRS-USBuildersReviewDan Perry ended up in the home improvement industry by chance, never imagining just a short time later he would become president of Signature Retail Service Inc. (SRS), one of the largest national turnkey in-store service support and retail construction companies. SRS provides everything from professional product training and display assistance for manufacturers and retailers in addition to project management and new store set up for some of the most recognized corporations in the U.S., including Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware and Menards.

Perry, who’s now been with SRS for about eight years, found a career path in turning his part-time job into a long­ term career. “I started working in home improvement stores to supplement my income throughout college,” he recalls. “I stayed in touch with the company owner over the years and he ultimately lured me back into the industry.”

SRS was officially incorporated in February 2005, after its predecessor, Consumer 500 Enterprises (Consumer 500), was acquired by new partners Steve Ignoffo and Dan Perry. “With the boom of the home improvement center throughout the U.S., initially the industry was dominated by independent service representatives who specialized in certain products,” details Perry. ‘The big-box stores eventually decided all product lines could be serviced by a select group of services companies, eliminating the previous mass group third-party system. We were selected out of thousands of similar companies when Lowes and Home Depot both opted to bring these services in-house.”

Nationwide Service and Quality People

While Consumer 500 focused exclusively on sales and service for Home Depot locations throughout  the Midwest, SRS decided to diversify and expand on a national  level. The company currently provides a variety of services to some of the largest retailers and brands in all 50 states.

We’ve stepped in to assist these Fortune 500 companies as they grow,” reveals Perry. “Large organizations like Home Depot and others are always evolving and changing based on the market. We help identify demand and assist in new programs and produce launches.”

Although the company is based in Lombard, Ill., SRS serves retailers and manufacturers throughout the U.S. with its specially trained staff of more than 500 employees and satellite offices in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles. “We’re able to go where major brands and retailers need support and focus,” explains Perry. We’re sending people all over the country, wherever the work is.”

Perry admits SRS wouldn’t be able to cover so much ground or offer such a broad range of service if it wasn’t for his valued, highly skilled employees. “Anyone can brag about their people, but I really know I’ve got the best team out there,” he says. “We’ve worked to build a well-established network across the country, priding ourselves in the face that with every visit, there’s something to be learned through value-added service.”

The Complete Package 

SRS offers fully turnkey services, from in-store demonstrations, training and customer interaction to interior general contracting, truly offering a complete package. “We really stick to retail specific construction and service,” shares Perry. “Our competitors have crossed over into the food and drug industry, as well, but we’re more specialized.”

Perry reveals SRS is present from the initial store start up, to maintenance and new product launches throughout the life of any retail outlet. “As far as interior general contracting, we’ll do everything from fixture installation to racking, case work and continual maintenance,’’ he details. ”The other important piece we focus on is in-store service. We ensure there’s a continuity of service from seasonal projects to key account sales.”

However, that is not all that the team at SRS provides. “We also support major brands that are trying to advance their products,” shares Perry. “They’re really the leaders and we’re just the ones who help launch the product through demonstrations, merchandising, field sales, display and promotion.”

SRS often provides a range of in-store support for Home Depot, new store interior construction for Target and fixture installation for Wal-Mart. “We’ve recently started working with Ace Hardware and the large Midwestern retailer Menards,” adds Perry.

Perry admits the economic downturn has taken a toll on some of the retailers and brands SRS serves. “They’ve taken a major hit with the economy,” he says. “Most have downsized their sales force and eliminated regional field support, but with our added expertise in product launches and vendor assortment, we’re able to offer cost-saving support.”

From a grand  opening  to in-store demonstrations and everything in between, SRS has the retail expertise to train, build and promote success. Signature Retail Service Inc. has one of the best teams in the industry, offering fully turnkey retail solutions.

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