Ace Hardware makes handyman services more available

In 2019, Ace Hardware acquired Handyman Matters and in 2020 rebranded the company to Ace Handyman services.  In the 3 years since the acquisition, Ace has increased the business from 64 franchises to 122 which cover a total of 218 territories.  The business offers homeowners professional handy services from a brand that is synonymous with service.  This service helps to set Ace Hardware apart from the other major players in home improvement retail.

Tim Otawa, owner of the Coon Rapids Ace Hardware said, “I know from my own experience, before owning an Ace Handyman Service franchise, that there were some apprehensions referring our customers to any service out there without fully knowing the quality of the work being done, but the high standards that Ace Handyman Services hold their franchises to and can with confidence vouch that this is a great partnership.”